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Golden Milk Protein / Collagen Golden Milk flavor

Golden Milk Protein / Collagen Golden Milk flavor

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Protein with spices Golden Milk flavor - 1kg
In every scoop of Golden Milk Protein, you'll find an explosion of flavor and nutrition that will push you to live your life to the fullest. Whether you're looking to support your exercise routine, increase your daily protein intake, or simply enjoy a comforting drink, this protein is for you!
  • No sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • Keto/Low Carb
  • Dairy free
  • Without gluten
  • Diabetes Friendly
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • 10g of Protein - 8 essential amino acids
  • 83.3 servings per kilo

Instructions : Blend 12g (a 30ml measure) in one cup (237ml) of hot or cold unsweetened coconut milk.

Includes measuring spoon

Ingredients: High bioavailability hydrolyzed collagen peptides, Non-GMO erythritol, turmeric, Ceylon cinnamon, ginger, Himalayan salt, steviol glycosides (stevia).

Nutritional Information per 12g of Golden Protein prepared with 237ml of unsweetened coconut milk brand A from Coco:

Calories 90Cal, Protein 10.5g, Fat 4.4g; saturated fat 3.9g, trans fat 0mg, Available Carbohydrates 2.3g; sugars 1.9g (from coconut and spices), added sugars 0g, Fiber 0.3g, sodium 227mg

Alanine 0.80 g
Arginine 0.84 g
Aspartic Acid 0.67 g
Cystine 0.00 g
Glutamic Acid 1.30 g
Glycine 2.12 g
Histidine* 0.11 g
Hydroxylysine 0.12 g
Hydroxyproline 1.17 g
Isoleucine* 0.12 g
Leucine* 0.30 g
Lysine* 0.38 g
Methionine* 0.08 g
Phenyalanine* 0.21 g
Proline 1.15 g
Serine 0.37 g
Threonine* 0.20 g
Tryptophan* 0.00 g
Trosine 0.06 g
Valine* 0.26 g

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