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Erythritol Glass

Erythritol Glass

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Erythritol Glass sweetener 100% natural substitute for glass sugar Economical resealable packaging

  • GLASS sugar substitute
  • Delicious taste
  • Sugarfree
  • No calories
  • Zero glycemic index
  • Zero Net Carbs
  • Keto Friendly
  • can be baked
  • Slightly less sweet than sugar (70% the sweetness of sugar)
  • Does not cause cavities
  • Non GMO

Suitable for frostings, decoration, glazes, ice cream,
confectionery. Great flavor in chocolates. Without Stevia.

Erythritol is found naturally in fruits
and fermented products such as wine and cheese.
It is a sugar alcohol different from the others,
has the highest intestinal tolerance, does not ferment,
has zero impact on blood glucose, is not toxic
and it has no calories.
In laboratory tests it has been shown to have
antioxidant properties

Ingredients: Erythritol powder NON GMO / Kosher

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