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Isolated Oat Fiber - Zero Carbs

Isolated Oat Fiber - Zero Carbs

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Isolated Oat Fiber Zero Carbs

  • Gluten-Free
  • Zero Calories
  • Zero Glycemic Index (suitable for diabetics)
  • Zero Net Carbs
  • Keto friendly (does not take you out of ketosis)
  • Vegan
  • Kosher, Halal, NON-GMO

100% insoluble fiber isolated from oats (Oat Fiber) obtained from the outer husk of the oat grain.

To the rescue of the bakery! To increase fiber content and lower the glycemic impact, aiding digestion. It should not be confused with oat flour or oat bran.

Ingredients: 100% Oat Fiber

Suggested uses:
It can replace 10% to 15% of the flour you use in:
- Cookies
- Muffins
- Cakes
- Pancakes

- without gluten
- Zero calories, zero net carbs
- Good source of dietary fiber
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