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BIG Flour (Low Glycemic Index) - 1:1 Substitute Baking Flour

BIG Flour (Low Glycemic Index) - 1:1 Substitute Baking Flour

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BIG Low Glycemic Index Baking Flour

- With slow assimilation carbohydrates (low carb)

- High in Fiber (16%)

- High Protein (19%)

- Reduced Carb ( 6.7 grams of net carbs per serving )

- Excellent flavor and texture in your breads

- Wheat-free, suitable for people with gluten sensitivity (non-celiac)

- Suitable for people with diabetes due to its low glycemic index and load

Use: Replaces wheat flour one by one in traditional recipes.

1 cup of white wheat flour = 1 cup of BIG flour

120g of white wheat flour = 100g of BIG flour

Ingredients: cranberry flour, oat flour, almond flour, isolated oat fiber, hyrolyzed collagen, guar gum and xanthan (natural fibers).


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