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Keto Viva México Mix - Flour for sweet breads (without add-ins)

Keto Viva México Mix - Flour for sweet breads (without add-ins)

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Prepare your favorite sweet bread with the new Viva México Mix NaturaVia.
Flour to prepare shells, bread of the dead and keto kings' thread.
  • Keto
  • Low GI
  • Gluten Free
  • 4.5 g Net Carbs/serving
  • Sugarfree

Recipes included. DOES NOT INCLUDE COMPLEMENTS , which are:

  • Monk Sweet Granular (sprinkled with bread of the dead
  • Single Sweet Glass for (shell crusts and kings thread)
  • Isolated Oat Fiber Zero Carbs (to form bones of bread of the dead)
Sold separately: ACCESSORIES (does not include mix) at $420

Each 1.14kg of Viva Mix makes: 33 shells or 24 panecitos de muerte or 33 portions ofrosla de reyes.

Ingredients: Almond flour, NaturaVia Monk Sweet Granular (erythritol and pure monk fruit extract 1g/100g), NaturaVia Low Carb Flour (vegetable fiber, coconut flour, almond flour, hydrolyzed collagen, ground flaxseed, guar fiber), psyllium,

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