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New! Recipe Book and Baking Package Keto Cakes Vol. 2

New! Recipe Book and Baking Package Keto Cakes Vol. 2

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Delicious cakes without sugar, keto/low carb, diabetes friendly and gluten free

🍰 Discover the pleasure of sweetening life in a healthy way with our Keto Cakes Baking Package Vol. 2! 🍰

What will you find in our package?

Premium Quality Ingredients : We use only the best ingredients to ensure that your cakes are not only delicious, but also healthy.

Exclusive Recipes : We have created exclusive recipes that will allow you to enjoy the sweetness without worrying about sugar or carbohydrates. Every bite is a guilt-free explosion of flavor!

Variety of Flavors : From classics to more innovative options, our Keto baking package offers a wide range of flavors to satisfy all cravings.

Diabetes Friendly and Gluten Free : We are proud to be diabetes friendly and offer gluten free options so you can enjoy your favorite desserts without affecting your health.

At NaturaVia we believe that the sweetness of life should not compromise your health. Place your order today and start enjoying delicious and healthy desserts!

Package Included:

  • Recipe book in PDF
  1. Penguin Cake
  2. Marshmallow Cake
  3. Three milks cake
  4. Red Velvet Mini Cake
  5. Cajeta Cake
  6. Strawberry Cake with Cream
  7. Tiramisu Cake
  • 2 bags of Single Sweet Granular sweetener of 300g
  • 2 bags of Single Sweet Glass sweetener of 250g
  • 1 bag of 300g granular allulose
  • 2 bags of Low Carb Flour 150g
  • 1 alkaline cocoa of 185g
  • 1 bag of almond flour 225g
  • 1 keto Chocolate syrup 250ml
  • 1 keto Maple syrup 250ml
  • 1 keto box 250ml
  • 1 bag of Chocolate Cake Mix 294g
  • 1 bag of Cupcake Mix 283g
  • 1 bag of sugar-free chips 250g
  • 1 bag of sugar-free couverture chocolate 300g
  • 1 Xanthan gum 100g

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