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SS Blend - Granular Sweetener with Stevia

SS Blend - Granular Sweetener with Stevia

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Stevia Sweet Blend

Natural Granular Sweetener with Stevia

4 TBSP (tablespoons) SS Blend = 1 cup sugar

  • KETO
  • No calories
  • No net carbs
  • Zero glycemic index
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No preservatives

Concentrated blend of Erythritol (NON GMO) and Reb-A 99% (stevia extract)

No sugar, no preservatives or fillers.

Excellent flavor in hot and cold drinks, oatmeal, smoothies, yogurt and in specially adapted baking recipes.

No calories, no net carbs, zero glycemic index, no artificial sweeteners.

Ingredients: erythritol (natural sweetener) and pure stevia extract (steviol glycosides 1000 mg/100 g)

Net Carbs = total carbs - fiber - erythritol

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